The 4 best driving assistance features

The 4 best driving assistance features

No matter what car you drive, or how long you’ve been driving, drivers can always benefit from tech-assisted driving assistance features. If you’re looking to make your car safer, here are four of the best driving assistance features on the market today.

Blind spot detection

We’ve all been there, you’re ready to change lanes and almost commit to it before another driver zooms past. While all cars and drivers are different, all drivers experience blind spots. In order to reduce your risk, cameras and sensors can be built into side mirrors which alert you when it’s unsafe to change lanes. Blind Spot Detection (BSD) can also be added aftermarket with certain models of dash cams and GPS systems.

Active cruise control

While cruise control has been a long-standing feature in vehicles for decades, older cruise control technology must be reset when you encounter traffic. Active cruise control on the other hand can predict when vehicles ahead of you are slowing and decrease your speed accordingly.

Dash cams

If you’ve ever been in a car collision or come back to a damaged car after doing the groceries, you’ll understand how frustrating it is not being able to prove what happened. By installing a dash cam, you can record the car as you drive (or while you aren’t there) to ensure you have concrete evidence if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

Reverse parking cameras and sensors

While some people are parallel parking masters, most of us avoid it completely. With reverse parking cameras, you can see exactly what’s behind you, while reverse sensors will alert you if you are getting too close to an obstruction. These cameras also double up as safety feature to ensure that there are no obstacles or pedestrians behind you while you are backing out of driveways.
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