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Upgrade Your Sound System with Our Car Audio Services

If your sound system isn’t working properly or your speakers can’t handle the drop, our experts can help. Our extensive variety of speakers, amplifiers, head units, subwoofers and processors mean we can customise your sound system to your exact specifications, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes as loud as you want. If you need advice, simply ask our experienced team. We can ensure you understand the ins and outs of your new car audio set up.

Amplifiers and Head Units

Arguably the most vital component in the chain for excellent quality sound, the head unit is the brain and the amplifier is the heart. While the head unit runs a set of speakers, the amplifier will power a set of speakers to make them sound cleaner at all volumes, far beyond what a standalone head unit is capable of.


Subwoofers are not just for people who want their music to be felt in the car next to them. They offer musical presence of the lowest octaves to complete the overall sound the way the artist intended.


Processors are key to achieving ultimate sound quality. By weeding out any audio issues, processors allow you to listen to your music in all its glory. Processors are the next evolution of music tuning, providing time correction, full 31 band EQ’s and individual speaker tuning and levelling.

We Can Install All Sound Systems Across all Vehicle Makes and Models

The experienced team at GC Car Audio can install any sound system in any vehicle make and model. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and take the time to complete all installations to the highest standard possible. This ensures even an average set of speakers sounds great and a high-quality system works to its potential.

Contact our Gold Coast Team to Learn More about Our Car Audio Services

If you want to upgrade your sound system or you’d like to know more about our services, contact our skilled team. We’re here to help you get the most out of your car audio system!

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