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Your Guide To Buying A New Car Stereo

Nothing beats driving down the road with your favourite tunes on, but if your car stereo system is not the best quality, it can make all the difference. Upgrading your system might help, or you might want to consider a new car stereo for the ultimate in driving pleasure.

Here is the ultimate guide for buying a new car stereo –

Fitment of a car stereo

Before, you buy a car stereo system for your car, make sure it fits your vehicle. Usually, you will find two standard shapes for installing an aftermarket car audio system. These shapes are called dins-

  • Single Din (2” by 7”): Usually contains buttons and has a simplified look.
  • Double Din (4” by 7”): Usually has a screen and facilitates control with touch feature.

Furthermore, there is vehicle specific stereo size available which are made for individual vehicles and can vary in sizes and features.

So decide whether you need a single din or double din to fit your car and check if your vehicle specific stereo size is available.

Integration with Car Features

Make sure your new car stereo supports the extra features of your car. Some vehicles have features like car steering wheel control, backup camera and a rear entertainment system, so, if your car has extra features like these, make sure you choose car stereo systems that support them.

Don’t forget to check whether the car music system has enough audio output ports for your car speakers.


You can enjoy some added features when you upgrade your car music system, including:

  • Touchscreen Display Interface
  • Bluetooth system
  • GPS
  • Rear Seat Entertainment
  • USB and AUX inputs
  • CD/DVD system
  • Different audio file format supportability
  • Audio Quality Enhancer
  • Smartphone integration (enables you to call and receive, navigate with GPS, check and send text and listen to music) and so on.

Not all car stereos will have all of the above features, but before purchasing a new car music system, find the one that fulfills all your needs, but be careful about paying for features that you don’t want.

If you need help about finding the right car stereo for your vehicle, you can always give Gold Coast Car Audio a call and we will make sure you get the car stereo system that best fits your car. So, do you still think that buying a car stereo is easy? If not, then don’t worry. Gold Coast Car Audio will assist you to buy one.