4 ways to improve your daily commute

4 ways to improve your daily commute

Whether you work or study, your daily driving commute can be a real drag. Whether it’s 30 minutes or over an hour, starting and ending your day with a long drive can really take its toll. If you’re looking for ways to improve your daily commute, here are some great tips from the team at GC Car Audio.

Listen to audio books

If you struggle to find the time to read, then listing to audio books on the way to and from work is a great way to make your way through your reading list. Nowadays you can get pretty much any book in audio book format through providers such as Audible, OverDrive and Google Audiobooks.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts have become a huge source of both entertainment and education in the past decade. From spirituality to true crime, there are heaps of engaging podcasts available to suit all interests and lifestyles. Simply download your podcast beforehand or stream it via Wi-Fi.

Make a motivational playlist

Sometimes the music on the radio just isn’t enough to get you energised for the day ahead. If you are struggling to get motivated in the mornings, then spend some time constructing your ultimate motivation playlist. Download your favourite songs onto your phone or curate a playlist on a streaming service such as Spotify or Apple Music and hook up to your audio system via Bluetooth or audio jack.

Engage in meditation

Driving commutes can be very stressful, especially if you use the motorway or other heavily congested routes. If you find yourself getting angry and stressed on your morning or afternoon drive, then listen to guided or free-listening meditation tracks. This will not only prevent stress, but also improve your mindfulness and resilience.
Want to make the most of your daily commute? Upgrade your car audio system today. The team at GC Car Audio can optimise your system to enhance your favourite tunes, podcasts and audiobooks. Based on the Gold Coast, our team are here to help you get the most out of your car audio system!

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