The importance of sound processors

The importance of sound processors

Digital sound processors are an essential part of car audio systems. While most people invest in great speakers, subwoofers and head units, they often forget about sound processors. To help you understand the importance of sound processors, here is some helpful information for the team at GC Car Audio.

What do sound processors do?

Digital sound processors have several functions, but the most useful is their ability to correct issues with your head unit. Most factory car audio systems are designed to compensate for lower quality speakers. This is achieved by artificially manipulating the system’s frequency profile.
As soon as you replace your original speakers with higher quality products, this artificial manipulation will become extremely apparent and one you install a decent amp, you’ll notice it even more. Luckily, a digital sound processor can fix this.
A sound processor works to undo the artificial manipulation od the factory unit. Some digital processors have downloadable custom profiles that will automatically fix the issue and enhance your overall sound quality.

Installation process

The installation process for sound processors varies from model to model, but most are designed to be tucked away in the same place as your amplifier. A sound processor either sits between the head unit and the amplifier, or directly between the head unit and the speakers. In some cases, sound processors will plug seamlessly into your head unit and existing harness.
When it comes to choosing a sound processor for your stereo system, then you need the professionals. Based on the Gold Coast, our team can assess your current system and find the right processor to optimise your sound quality. Whatever your budget and whatever your vehicle, GC Car Audio will weed out any audio issues and improve your tuning and levelling.

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