How to choose the best subwoofers for your car stereo

How to choose the best subwoofers for your car stereo

So, you’re considering upgrading the subwoofer in your car to get some quality bass, but you’re not sure what you need. The team at GC Car Audio have you covered. To help you choose the best subwoofers for your car stereo system, here are some important things to consider:


When it comes to subwoofers, size does matter. The bigger the subwoofer, the bigger the bass, so keep that in mind when looking at different models. If you’re looking for big sound, make sure you take measurements before you start shopping so you can find the biggest subwoofer that fits the available space.


While size is certainly important, the enclosure you choose will also have a big impact. The enclosure (or box) contains the subwoofer and comes in three main styles: sealed, ported and bandpass. For a deep sound (without the vibrations) a sealed enclosure is best. This type of enclosure gives a tight sounding bass that won’t rattle your teeth.
Ported and bandpass enclosures don’t have the same bass depth as sealed enclosures, but they provide louder sound. So, if you listen to tunes with loud bass and you aren’t bother about accuracy, then these enclosures are the go.
Alternatively, you can choose subwoofers that are designed to work without enclosures. These woofers are mounted to board and installed in your trunk which then acts as a makeshift enclosure. For this to be effective you need a trunk that is airtight and narrow.

Power, sensitivity and frequency

When it comes to subwoofer there are three stats that you should be aware of RMS value, SPL, frequency range, and ohms. A higher RMS value means more bass, but this will only shine through if you have a head unit or amplifier that matches (or exceeds) the RMS of the subwoofer.
The sensitivity is measured in sound pressure level (SPL) and refers to how much power the sub needs to produce a certain volume (the higher the SPL rating, the less power needed). If you have an underpowered amplifier or head unit, you should opt for a subwoofer with a high sensitivity. The frequency refers to the range of sounds that your subwoofer can produce, so to optimise your sound quality, you want something on the lower end of the scale.
If you need help deciding on the right subwoofer for your car stereo, then visit the team at GC Car Audio today. Based on the Gold Coast, we stock a huge range of subwoofers and other car audio products to completely transform your sound system.

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