A look at the future: Car audio systems

A look at the future: Car audio systems

Most of us don’t pay attention to developments in car audio systems, but looking at the last 10 years, the technology in this area has grown in leaps and bounds. Most of today’s motorists don’t know what an eight track is, and few will remember when audio cassettes were phased out and replaced with CD players. You also probably didn’t notice when car aerials became a thing of the past.
Interested in what the future has in store for car audio systems? Here are some insights into the future.

The Ac2ated sound system

Unveiled in 2017, the Ac2ated sound system is currently being developed by an audio component supplier called Continental AG and is set to be the biggest development in car audio this decade. Based on the principles of stringed instruments, this system uses a small transducer comprised of a magnet wrapped in copper coil to generate micro vibrations.
Unlike the oscillating membrane found in conventional speakers, this transducer uses existing interior components to produce high-fidelity audio (sound with minimal distortion). For example, the system could use the rear window as a subwoofer and the dashboard, floor and windshield for the mid-range and the A-pillars for the tweeters.

The benefits

The Ac2ated sound system creates immersive 3D sound that can be experienced in a completely different way. By using existing components to enhance and produce sounds, car manufactures could reduce weight and energy consumption, while freeing up a lot more interior volume. The Ac2ated sound system weighs less than a kilo, takes just 1 litre of space and should be able to match the sound quality of 10-20 speakers.
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