Best features available with today’s dash cams

Best features available with today’s dash cams

In the past dash cams were used mostly by the Police, but now as the price of a portable camera has decreased, many people are buying and using them in their own cars. It can provide drivers with assistance while driving and parking. Most importantly, dash cams help with the insurance claim and work as an evidence for any crucial event.

It’s easy to buy a dash cam but there are lots of features to care about before purchasing. Let’s get to know some of the best features available with today’s dash cams-


Dash cams continuously record while the car is being driven, these recorded files are usually kept on memory cards that have a limited amount of storage. If the limited amount of storage finishes then the camera will stop recording unless it has a looping feature in it. Dash cams with a looping feature will continuously record and replace record files that users no longer need.


With this feature, a camera can detect a sudden change in acceleration and impacts and keeps a record of the impact or sudden acceleration change and this footage will not be deleted by the looping feature.

Image Quality

In today’s dash cam one of the most important features is high-quality recording. Today’s dash cam offers a wider view in front and around the car with  good quality recording.

Clear Night Time Recording

Some cameras now come with super clear night time recording, so that you don’t miss a single thing

Infrared or Night vision

Some dash cams also come with infrared or night vision features to record detailed video in the night time.

Lane Departure Warning

A dash cam with lane departure warning will alert the driver when the car moves away from the lane that it is driving on.

Parking Mode

A dash cam that has a parking mode feature that will record even after the car is parked and the car is switched off; in order to have this feature, your dash cam will require battery backup.

Battery Backup

A camera with battery backup will not only depend on the car energy, it can record even when the car is turned off using battery backup.

Motion Sensor

Dash cams with a motion sensor can detect any crucial motion when it is parking mode and will start recording instantly. This is how your dash cam will not miss a thing even when the driver is not around.

Using dash cam can be smart move as it will help you ensure safety for yourself and others around you. You will also get an easier driving experience.

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