Choosing the right head unit for your car’s sound system

Choosing the right head unit for your car’s sound system

A head unit is the gateway and frontrunner of your car audio system. Not only does your head unit control the functionality and the performance of your car audio system, it’s also the single most visible component, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the first things that people choose to upgrade.
If you’re looking to upgrade your head unit, here are some helpful tips from the team at GC Car Audio.


Before you go out looking for a new head unit, you need to set a strict budget. Tell your salesperson upfront what your budget is and try not to fall in love with a model you can’t afford.


For those that love their tunes, power will be one of the biggest considerations, but in good sound systems, the built-in head unit amp will be bypassed. The only time you need to consider the power of your head unit is if you are building a car audio system on a budget and aren’t as concerned with sound quality. It’s also a good idea if you’re building your car audio system piece by piece and want a decent inbuild amp to tide you over before you upgrade to a better amplifier later.

Added features

Depending on the audio system that you want to build, you should look out for handy added features, such as: auxiliary inputs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, preamp outputs, steering wheel controls, remote control, theft protection and switchable illumination options.

Audio sources

While most people these days favour Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and auxiliary inputs, there are still those that like their audio old school and want a head unit that can play audio cassettes and CDs. If you want something a bit different consider finding a head unit that can play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.
Need help finding the right head unit for your car audio system? Call GC Car Audio today. Our experienced Gold Coast team can find you a head unit that suits your lifestyle and budget and give you advice about the right way to build your own sound system.

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