Beginner’s guide to using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Beginner’s guide to using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

With the advancement of phones, they are so useful that many people don’t know when to stop.

One of the main times to stop is when driving, as it can cause serious accidents.

To keep everything safe, Google and Apple both came up with a way to keep their customers engaged with their phone while driving. Apple came up with Carplay and Google brought Android Auto.

Following you will find a beginners guide for using them. So let’s go!

  1. What are these?

These are simply mobile apps. Android Auto is an android app that can be downloaded from Google Play. This app can be run by any android phone that has android version 5.0 or upgraded.

CarPlay is an IOS app that can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Any iPhone 5 or later phones can make CarPlay app run on them.

By using these apps, you can use your phone in the car’s system.

  1. How to use them?

In most of the cars, you cannot use these apps unless you have a smartphone integration feature in your car stereo system. You can connect your phone to your car that has smartphone integration system by using a USB cable.

When you are connected with the app you will be able to use a lot of other apps that are in your phone. Like Phone calls, texts, music library, Navigation apps etc.

You will be using these apps through your car stereo system. They will run with your voice command and will read out many things that we read ourselves. You can control and command Google now (Android), Siri (ios) from your car if you connect your phone with your stereo system.

Whilst it is now legal to keep yourself connected with your phone even when you are driving, remember, you will need a smartphone integration feature on your car stereo. If you want a smartphone integration feature then GC Car Audio can help you with that.


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