The ultimate marine radio buying guide

The ultimate marine radio buying guide

From relentless sunlight to teaming rains, marine radios endure so much more than car audio components. For a marine radio to last, it needs to be built to tolerate sun, salt and spray, while still meeting your functionality requirements. If you are looking for a marine radio that will stand the test of time, here are some tips from the team at GC Car Audio.

Water and UV resistance

When buying a marine radio, ‘water resistant’ just won’t cut it. While water resistant products can withstand splashes and light rain, they cannot handle submersion. While levels of water resistance vary according to manufacture, look for products that are waterproof not resistant. When it comes to UV resistance, the higher the UV resistance the better.


Salt water and salt air wreak havoc on electronic connections and components. To ensure your marine radio is protected against salt damage, invest in a radio that is both rust and corrosion resistant and has coasted circuit boards and components.

High power

Unlike car audio systems that can rely on the acoustics of the car’s interior, your marine radio is generally out in the open. To combat the surrounding noise, you need to invest in a radio that has high power in order to get a clean, clear sound. Invest in a marine radio that includes built-in 4-way amplifiers and if you want even more power, you should invest in a specialised marine amplifier.

Useful features

Just like car audio systems, your marine radio should include features that you find useful. If you are into streaming music and making calls while boating, then ensure you choose a radio that has optimal Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to avoid streaming, then ensure you choose a radio with multiple USB and aux connections so you can plug in your iPhone or MP3 player.
Need help choosing the right marine radio? The team at GC Car Audio can help you take your boating experience to the next level. We have a range of marine radio products to suit all marine vessels and budgets. Simply give us a call or visit our Gold Coast store.

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